Allow Yourself

Allow Yourself

It was the first day of the year. Three hours into the New Year.

The party was over. The revelers had all gone to sleep.

The moon was full and truly did give the luster of midday on the breast of snow.

Finally, I was alone with the quiet. (Broken only by the sounds of my husband’s snoring. Alas, so much for the romance of writing by moonlight.)

An hour earlier, I longed for sleep. Now, I was unable to drop into that blessed release.

Instead, I found myself thinking about my year ahead. What were my goals? What did I really want? How would I achieve that?

My thoughts wandered, but it was not aimless meandering. I have learned to pay attention when my mind returns again and again to the same topic.

First, I remembered Cedar, the dog at the house party earlier in the evening. How he shuffled his old, weary body over to me sitting on the sofa and how I quietly did Reconnective Healing with him. And how he looked into my eyes as he felt the frequencies. How he got distracted by the offer of food. He is a dog, after all. And how he sauntered back for more of the frequencies, turning his body this way and that, like an old man at the barber shop saying “A little more on the side, please. And maybe some on the top. Hey, don’t forget the back.”

Next, I remembered my friend who asked for a distance Reconnective Healing session for her sister who had open heart surgery. And one for herself, too, because she was sick and unable to visit her sister in hospital.

Then I remembered the woman who recently gave birth to a tiny baby girl, 2 lb. 12 oz. We’ve never met in person. I only knew her through one of my chat groups where she asked for prayers. So I prayed in the way I know best…with distance Reconnective Healing.

I remembered demonstrating the frequencies on the hand of my cousin-in-law as we stood in the receiving line at a wedding. (Winter weddings are so festive!)

And as I remembered, I realized how integrated Reconnective Healing is within my life. It springs naturally forth in my day-to-day life.

My mind wandered again…Observe. Notice. Experience.

This is what we, as practitioners, remind our clients to do. This is what we do in living these frequencies on a daily basis.

As often happens for me, single words or phrases pop into my awareness. Now it was the word allow that I was hearing. This is to be my mantra for the new year.

I allow myself to observe…
Observe how Reconnective Healing is integrated into my life.
Observe when people are interested in hearing more about RH.
Observe when people are not interested in hearing more.
Observe what’s different, observe what’s changed.
Observe abundance in my life.

I allow myself to Notice…
Notice when I am trying to force an outcome.
Notice the difference between allowing the unfolding versus forcing.
Notice how that feels different in my body.
Notice opportunities that arise to demonstrate the frequencies.
Notice opportunities to change – a thought, a belief, a behaviour.
Notice. Without shame. Without judgement. Just notice.

I allow myself to Experience…
Experience engaging effortlessly with people in conversation.
Experience expectancy and release expectation.
Experience growth, both personally and in business.
Experience the unfolding.

As the new year begins, allow yourself to Observe, Notice, Experience.
Allow these words to guide you in your reflecting, and in setting your goals and resolutions for the year ahead.

Happy new year!

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