Remain Childlike

Remain Childlike

Today, while out on my morning walk, I acted like such a child!

You see, I saw the city truck and the noisy machine, and I got soooo excited! SOMETHING was about to happen!

Yes, I was jumping with curiosity.

And then that little voice in my head said, “Curiosity killed the cat, you know.”

“But I’m just curious. I’m not going to get in the way,” I protested, even as my curiosity level ratcheted down a notch.

“Are you curious or just being nosey?” queried the little voice. “You’ll be late.”

With a sigh, I trudged on, leaving behind the trucks and machines.

Leaving behind my childlike wonder. The zeal, the fascination. The joy and enthusiasm.

And then I remembered the message in Solomon Speaks*: Remain childlike.

With an angry shout to my inner voices – “Screw it!” – I turned around and headed back to watch the machines.

Ooooh, it was exciting! A city worker was about to remove a large tree stump. (I thought stumps were pulled out. They’re not!)

A giant circular saw was attached to the back of the pickup truck and, when the worker switched on the saw, it began whirring speedily.

The roar of the buzzing heightened the thrill. Even while keeping my distance, I could feel the vibration of the saw. Or was it my own excitement?

While spinning, the blade oscillated back and forth, back and forth, edging closer and closer to the stump. At first, the revolving blade threw up the dirt in front of the stump. Slowly, the blade inched closer and closer until, finally, there was the moment of impact!  The blade connected with the stump and wood chips began flying in all directions. Watching that enormous saw blade carve up that stump satisfied my childlike need for noise, mess, and chaos! I stood there, fascinated. Enthralled. Filled with awe and joy!

Today, I invite you to reconnect with your inner child, to the delight and innocence.  Explore your memories. Question your thoughts and beliefs. Ask yourself if your curiosity was ever mislabeled as nosiness. Did that affect your willingness to be curious? Does it hamper your delight in simple pleasures now?

Remember…remain childlike.

And may you find some BIG, NOISY machines today…or whatever it is that ignites your JoY!

* “Solomon Speaks On Reconnecting Your Life”, Dr. Eric Pearl & Frederick Ponzlov

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