A Language Of JoY

A Language Of JoY

Have you ever learned a new language? Perhaps you studied French in high school or took night classes in Italian, preparing for that Mediterranean cruise. Maybe you learned Dothraki to impress your friends. Still, others may speak the language of astronomy – Dobsonian, Parallax, Messier objects. Or the language of medicine – infarction, stenosis, sepsis. When I studied homeopathy, it too had its own language: repertory, materia medica, provings.

But not all language is words.

For instance, and I know this will date me, I studied Pitman Shorterhand, aka Pitman Shorthand, in high school, a phonetic series of symbols – strokes, lines, curves, dots, dashes – that represent the sounds of words. Taking that a step further, we have music, the universal language of sound, without words.

The language of sound reaches deep into our being, as does the language of art. We can feel ourselves engage and vibrate, whether to the simple tones of meditation, the guttural chants of throat singing, or the complex melodies of classical music.

I do not ‘speak’ the language of music well. Although I once tried to learn keyboard, I never progressed beyond the happy, little baby frog. Yet music speaks not just to the musician, but also the listener. We don’t need to know the precise key or notes or understand the theory of the Circle of Fifths to feel our hearts sing. We can feel ourselves engage and vibrate, whether to the simple tones of meditation, the guttural chants of throat singing, or the complex melodies of classical music. The language of sound reaches deep into our being, as does the language of art.

Some years ago at the Louvre, I was staring into the eyes of the Mona Lisa while those around me were snapping selfies before moving to the next masterpiece. It is said that eyes are the window to the soul, so I gazed into hers, and she spoke to me, bringing tears to my own eyes. (Critics may say it’s all about her smile, but her eyes will bring a Mona Lisa smile to your face!) Art, like music, moves us beyond words, beyond our thinking brains, and into our feelings.

And then there is the language of Reconnective Healing.

Like music, art, and even just being in nature, Reconnective Healing moves us beyond words, beyond our thinking brains; we communicate, instead, through energy, light and information. We’ve always been communicating this way, but it was like a phone app running in the background while we went about our day-to-day lives. With RH there’s a shift, so we’re now aware of the app. It becomes our main operating system, while that app-that-requires-words becomes secondary. The language of RH is beyond words yet, ironically, all I have to describe it is words.

It is said that ‘we are spiritual beings having a human experience.’ But it seems that we often experience ourselves as humans who, occasionally, if we’re lucky, have spiritual encounters. With RH, there is a re-centering of our knowingness. We recognize our Self, cognize Spirit within us, flowing through us and around us, while our humanness is the outer manifestation around our Self and spiritual core.

During your Reconnective Healing session, you may have made observations about your experience. Or, as a practitioner, you may have heard others speak about this.

I heard music beyond anything I’ve heard on Earth.

I smelled the most beautiful fragrances. [That were not actually present in the room.]

I heard the color purple and felt it surround me.

I saw the music and it was beautiful.

These experiences may seem illogical, yet we know the words to be true. And Truth is the language of RH, where we connect, RE-connect, to our innate beingness, to our soul.

Our innate being is Joy. 

In Solomon Speaks, we are told,

“We were put on this planet to experience joy. To understand the beauty, the depth, the excitement of the life experience. To thoroughly embody it, to become joyful in it, and by doing so, become compassionate with other people. […] Joy is something that exists, can happen within you, and can be a part of the light in every second of your being if you choose to live that way.”

Lest you think this means your life will be all sunshine and lollipops, Solomon tells us, “Joy comes through being able to handle a circumstance and create value out of it and move forward and let it propel you to higher levels.” Yes, there is joy in learning from our adversities, too. That is part of the human experience that we can now see through our spiritual eyes.

An Exercise

During my life’s journey as a seeker, that is, one with a thirst for self-knowledge who makes an effort to grow spiritually, I have participated in many experiential exercises. One such exercise was to take small pieces of paper and write on each a role held in life, such as mother, partner, teacher, stepsister, volunteer…Maybe it’s “chief cook, bottle washer and chauffeur” for your kids. Once you complete writing down the roles, stand in an open space and place the bits of paper on the floor around you. To the left or right. Maybe the role is behind you or straight ahead. Once all the pieces of paper are situated, step forward, literally beyond the words. 

Who are you beyond your roles?

Speaking the language of RH is like that exercise. We step beyond our roles, beyond words, and step into Being. It is a new language where we reconnect to our Self and to the field of infinite potential. Not only do we connect to that, we are that. 

We are infinite potential and we are joy. 

Joy and infinite potential – that is the language of Reconnective Healing. 

Let it speak to you.

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