In The Pink

In The Pink

It had years since I was able to attend a Reconnective Healing weekend. I felt great longing to be together with others in the frequencies, so I joined the Walking In Two Worlds Meditation with Dr. Eric & Jillian. I’m glad I did.

Before I share my experience and ruminations, I encourage you to do the meditation yourself. Even if you’re never had a Reconnective Healing session or done meditation before, you can do this one. I promise.

As you listen to the soothing voice of Dr. Eric, remember that these frequencies are all around us. You cannot help but be in the frequencies, yet you can learn to focus your attention, like tuning a radio station to get clearer reception.


At a certain point in the meditation, you are asked to be in The Void,   a place I ‘visit’ regularly in my meditations. The Void is nothingness, yet “simultaneously it contains infinite potential for everyone,” as Dr. Eric reminds us. He then says:

Be aware that these frequencies tend to open doors for you. So look again into this void. Something is coming to you in the Void. Something for you. What is this intelligence revealing that is uniquely appropriate for you? What is this that is seeking you now?

At that point, I saw a white light before me, moving towards me. I was curious. What could it be? What was in the light? As it advanced, the light slowly changed to a soft pink. I felt no fear; after all, how could one be afraid of pink? I felt excitement, tingling, as if my cells had been waiting for whatever it was. The pink infused into my heart chakra, spreading out over my shoulders, my entire body, and into every cell of my being. I knew it instantly as Compassion.

Being in the pink was so pleasant that I revisited it often in the following days. Feeling in the pink means to be in very good health and spirits, feeling on top of the world. It was deliciously enjoyable.

As I re-experienced that feeling during my morning walk, I remembered words I had read recently:

Central to the Four Virtues teachings is the understanding that when Love meets suffering and stays Loving, it becomes Compassion. Alchemy happens. Transmutation. Love becomes Compassion.[1]

I thought about that – when love meets suffering. People are suffering now, in these unusual times. Can the Love within each of us meet our suffering and become Compassion? Perhaps that is the reason for all… this. Perhaps we are to learn Compassion. Become Compassion. It is easy to feel compassion for the elderly, those with respiratory illness, those sick in hospital, and on the front lines. But can we feel compassion for everyone, even those with views in opposition to our own? Can we feel compassion for that which is different than ourself and our beliefs?

How long will this world situation last? I wondered and immediately heard the Universe’s response. Until we feel compassion.

And that, my friends, may take some time. To loosen the grip of fear, to feel compassion for all.

As Dr. Eric says in the meditation, “Your experience is your enlightenment to come. Your enlightenment is your perfect unification of spirit and energy.”

Try the meditation. See what is coming to you.

[1] Deborah Carter, MDiv, email,The 36, April 21, 2020, speaking about The Brahma Viharas from Buddha.

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