3 Things I Learned From Having A Spiritual Practice

3 Things I Learned From Having A Spiritual Practice

Recently, a woman in one of my chat groups stated her desire to daily spend more time in prayer and meditation. This got me thinking about my own spiritual journey, how I’ve grown and changed over the years, to more often find a place of inner peace.

My personal practice is to begin each morning by singing to Gaia, then to the Great Spirit, followed by the Water Song, which I wrote about last month.  As I reviewed my path, I wondered, “What have I’ve learned from having a spiritual practice?” Here are three insights.

1. Develop a relationship
Prayer, meditation, or any spiritual practice is a two-way street. Yes, sometimes we petition, give thanks, or sing praise to honour Gaia, Spirit, the Ancestors, or deity of choice. But take time to also listen. They speak to us, perhaps in words, perhaps in images or a feeling. Perhaps they send signs or synchronicities. Taking time to bathe in the frequencies of Reconnective Healing and feel the sensations in my palms is often when I hear or sense the communication. Being in nature also facilitates easy exchange.
2. Know you are loved
The prayer songs I sing each morning are at the beginning of my book, Breathing With Trees. Here are the words to the Gaia song:
Mother, Mother, Mother Earth,
Let me tell you how I feel.
You have given me such pleasure,
I love you so.

Imagine my surprise when Gaia sang back to me:
Donna, Donna, Donna Dear,
Let me tell you how I feel.
You have given me such pleasure,
I love you so.

Be sure to listen for Gaia, but if you don’t hear words, try imagining her words to yourself. “But if I imagine it, it’s not really Gaia,” you say. Does it matter? The point is to get used to feeling her love, to receiving love.
When I sang to Great Spirit, the words back to me were:
Spirit knows your name.
You are dearly loved.

Kryon gives us this message this repeatedly. (I love the messages of Kryon, especially the Marshmallow Messages. Soft, gooey, comforting.)
Once I spoke aloud to a flower, “Oh, you are so beautiful” and she said, “What you see is your own beauty reflected back.”
3. You are worthy (& magnificent)
Deep down, so many of us suffer from a sense of unworthiness. I used to think mine stemmed from being raised in a church that taught me to say “I am not worthy to receive,” as I struck my breast to the sound of the tinkling altar bell.

Perhaps in order to take human form and incarnate onto Earth, the experience of separating from the energy of All That Is somehow initiates this feeling. Do we, as humans, somehow come to interpret separateness as unworthiness?
Scripture says to love your neighbor as yourself, but first we need to love ourself. Again, get used to receiving Love. From Source, Gaia, the trees. Practise saying:
I am magnificent.
I am loved.
I am worthy.
I am worthy to receive.

In Reconnective Healing, we learn, “Don’t send. Receive.” It is in receiving the frequencies/Love/energy that we are able to join our energy with that of others and the rest of the Universe.
So, too, with Love. It is in receiving that we are able to join our energy with the Love of others and the Universe.

Photo credit: William Farlow on Unsplash.

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