Dreaming the Infinite

Dreaming the Infinite

It came to me in a recent dream that life is a cycle of patterns. A pattern of cycles.

From All-That-Is, we individuate and incarnate to live as humans, only to die and return to the Collective Source, to All-That-Is.

Life—death—life. That is the cycle.

Or, if you prefer, Life—Afterlife—Life. 

The cycle is endless. Infinite.

Even when we incarnate as individual beings, a part of us remains connected to the Infinite during our earth time. Then we shed our earthy selves and fully return to the Collective.

In my dream, I pondered the Infinite, wondering, “How big is infinity?” My dream-mind wandered to big business, big ag, big pharma, and other political, educational, and health care infrastructures. Perhaps these mega conglomerates once began as an unconscious attempt—arising from our Soul’s memory—to re‑create the immensity of the Collective Source?

Too big to fail is a term that became popularized based on the 2009 book and subsequent film of the same name. TBTF is a theory that certain corporations become so large and essential that their failure would destroy the economy. Therefore, the argument goes, these businesses should be propped up by the government at all costs. But what if the government infrastructure is also failing?

All around us, we are seeing the dismantling of old systems as thousands leave their jobs. By choosing in favour of bodily autonomy, in favour of sacred DNA, in favour of free choice and informed consent, people are faced with not knowing how they will feed their families, whether they will lose their homes, or how their children will be impacted. It could be terrifying. Yet, as the systems break apart, I am seeing people rise like the Phoenix to create new systems. It’s magnificent and awe-inspiring.

One area that particularly fills my heart right now is the remodelling of education. Small student groups have formed, commonly called pods. How deliciously appropriate that these learning groups should have the same collective name as that of whales and dolphins—the spiritual knowledge keepers of the planet.

These human pods have lower teacher to student ratios and offer more individual attention, bonding, and diverse curriculums with nature-based education. (This model is suggestive of the methods once used by Indigenous cultures around the world, subsequently expunged, and now, enjoying a resurgence.) This teaching method instills a love and respect for Gaia, although many of today’s children are being born already aware of this connection. These children have enormous potential for healing earth and crafting system changes.

It can be challenging to be optimistic in these times. I, too, can find myself stalled in worry, fear or anger. But more and more, I focus on the positive changes I see around me, those groups saying Sayonara to Social Media, building intentional communities, forming new political parties. These are evidence old systems are being replaced.

Years ago, a Chakra Meditation was channeled to me and it is appropriate now to share it with you. May it bring you comfort and resilience, and remind you of your Divine magnificence to find your way forward.

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