What Does Your Bookshelf Reveal?

What Does Your Bookshelf Reveal?

The five shelves of my (main) bookcase are filled with books that represent various stages of my life. One bookcase, over a hundred books.

Starting at the bottom, the two lower shelves contain books about holistic nutrition—Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, The Real Vitamin & Mineral Book, The Vegetarian Myth, Staying Healthy With Nutrition—as well as anatomy books, such as Anatomy Trains, Ageless Spine Lasting Health, Trail Guide to the Body. These books represent my years as a Nutritional Consultant and a Bowen therapist.

On these two shelves, there is also a sprinkling of books exploring energy and spirituality—The Energy Healing Experiments, The Dark Side of the Light Chasers, The Intention Experiment, The Diamond in Your Pocket.

It is only in writing this blog that I realize spirituality is a common thread connecting one shelf to another. It is the consistent part of my Self that I carry from one stage of my life to the next.

After nutrition and anatomy, the next shelf is devoted to books about homeopathy. Various repertories, different versions of The Organon, Homeopathic Self Care, and The Banerji Protocols. Even Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs from when my mother’s pet was part of our lives.

One doesn’t read homeopathic books cover to cover like a novel. Yet I’ve consulted each book so many times, perhaps piece by piece, I have actually read it through entirely.

This shelf too has evidence of my exploration of the energetic with Shaman Wisdom, Shaman Healing. But overall, there are fewer spirituality books here. Perhaps because homeopathic medicine is wholistic and already encompasses the mental, emotional and spiritual. (Or maybe there just wasn’t room on the shelf?)

The next shelf up contains books about the writing process—The Artist’s Way, Thinking About Memoir, Braving The Fire. Other books on process, many barely skimmed.

There’s also a portion of “required reading” on this shelf. When one seeks a traditional publisher, a comparative analysis is part of the book proposal where you compare your manuscript to books of a similar nature. So these required reading books relate to Alzheimer’s, caregiving, to death and dying.

Solomon Speaks on Reconnecting Your Life and My Grandfather’s Blessing are two spirituality books that accompanied me on my caregiving journey. The process of writing was there with me because, as Marie Williams says in Green Vanilla Tea, “Writing provided refuge from the chaos.”

And finally we arrive at the top shelf of my bookcase. It houses my collection of author-signed books, as well as books that have particularly moved or inspired me. This shelf, I think, is the most revealing. These books have a story to tell and I don’t just mean the story contained in the pages.

I’ll talk more about the story of these books in my next blog. In the meantime, peruse the titles. What assumptions do you draw about the book collector? (Are assumptions truth?)

Now take a look at your own book shelf. Does it reflect who you are? What does your collection say about you? 

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