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Redefine ‘Right Time’

Redefine ‘Right Time’

Waiting for that important message or critical info at that right time and place? Instead, reexamine what that right time really is.

Synchronicities are moments of “meaningful coincidence”, often described as being in the right place at the right time or meeting the right person at the right time. Synchronicities are also defined as energies that align with purpose. When one is balanced and aligned with Creative Source, synchronicities occur more frequently. Over the last few months, I’ve been focusing on “right place, right time”, but I kept looking for that “right person” to appear with an important message or critical information, waiting for that “right event” to happen. Instead, what I began to notice was a shift in “right time”.

I’ve always disliked being late. Being late meant I was being disrespectful of someone’s time and I did not want anyone to think I was being disrespectful. So, I would feel apprehensive about being late (OMG, what would they think of me?!) and, instead, would arrive early, sometimes 20-30 minutes early. Arriving excessively early could have been embarrassing, but I had learned to bring my e-Reader and announce, “I know I’m early. I brought reading material.”

Then I began to notice a shift. Instead of being early, I began to be late! Well, not truly late, but late by my usual standard of being (too) early. I would get sidetracked with emails, delayed with a phone call, a client’s session would go longer than expected, or I’d get snarled in traffic. I would find myself rushing, anxiously thinking, “I’m going to be late!” Yet somehow, miraculously, I would arrive on time! This happened enough times that I came to expect that I would simply arrive “at the right time.”

One particular morning, before I had come to relax in the knowing that I would arrive “at the right time,” I was rushing out the door to an appointment. I backed the car out of the garage and paused to wait for the garage door to close. During that pause, the radio announcer stated that there had been a car crash that was causing huge traffic delays, and he advised which area to avoid. That area just happened to be around the corner and directly enroute to my appointment. I smiled, realizing that I was in precisely the right place (my driveway) at the right time to hear that message. I quickly re-routed to my destination and, once again, arrived “at the right time”.

I’ve also come to realize that “right time” does not just refer to a predetermined appointment time. Sometimes it is about trusting the timing of the Universe. Why did I keep stalling on completing a task for an upcoming business engagement? Turns out that the engagement changed. If I had forced through the stalling, I would have wasted time (and likely would not have been satisfied with the results).

I’ve become aware of the many day-to-day expressions about time – time flies, behind the times, out of time, save time, make time, on time, in time, no time, and wasting time. Do take time to observe what right time means to you and notice when it occurs in your life.

Reconnective Healing helps bring balance and alignment with Creative Source so that synchronicities may occur more often in your life.

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