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Pink & Green Wishes

Pink & Green Wishes

This will be my last blog of the year and, given that December is a month filled with traditions – Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas – it may seem at variance that this post concerns a pagan tradition.

Sheela Na Gig is a pagan goddess depicted by a feminine figure squatting in the birthing position as she grasps the flesh at the opening to her birth canal.

Sheela = female, Gig = vagina. Got the picture?

Symbols of Sheela Na Gig, with her marquis-shaped opening, often marked doorways of sanctuaries and ancient stone kirks. She welcomed those who wished to cross over her threshold into the darkness, as if going into a womb – warm and nurturing – for a period of contemplation.

I was first introduced to Sheela Na Gig by Janelle Hardy through a 10-day series of introspection and reflection beginning on the winter solstice. I instinctively return to it each December as the season of darkness begins.

But in autumn, I had a different experience of Sheela Na Gig.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I went on a Vision Quest in September. At one point, I found myself in my sacred circle lying on the earth and gazing into the treetops. I noticed where the outermost branches of one tree met those of another, forming a slit, with sunlight visible beyond. It felt like an opening of Sheela Na Gig but, rather than looking at her opening from the outside, I was viewing it from the inside out.

Since I was already in the dark womb of reflection (my Vision Quest sacred circle), I was shown a different perspective — the Light of Life and its rich, colourful dance of joy just outside the door. It was an offer – Here, this could be yours ! All I needed to do was choose it. To step over the threshold to live the potentiality waiting there.

So here I am. Choosing that. Choosing joy and light.

And as this blog travels the ethers of cyber space, I shine Light in your direction too and extend the healing mists – green and pink – of heart energy to all who need it, to anyone in fear, so you too may choose light and joy.

Till next year…

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